Meet the team

Jim Shumaker, Registered Dental Technician


  • president of Impressions Dental Studios
  • third generation Dental Technician
  • winner of outstanding achievement award for fixed prothodontics 1993
  • actively makes teeth at the bench
  • favorite restoration, single central incisor
  • loves to travel, ride motorcycles, and cook

Christie Shumaker: Vice president of Impressions Dental Studios


  • office manager
  • married to Jim since 1991
  • loves to cook, ride motorcycles, and travel too
  • also a registered massage therapist

Anna H. Registered Dental Technician


  • top graduate award in fixed prothodontics in 2004 from the CDLA
  • gold technician and ceramist
  • favorite restoration, MODBL onlay
  • loves to garden, knit and play music

Sarah Jarman

  • dental technician assistant
  •  just starting out in the dental technology world
  •  plaster monkey
  •  delivery driver
  •  loves to travel,